“It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.”
― E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

Welcome! I’m Phyllis Mindell, and you can call me “Word Grandma.”

For more than 40 years, I’ve worked with young women as a language consultant, providing expertise in reading, writing, speaking, and all things communication. To celebrate my 80th birthday, I’ve launched an exciting new project: TheWordGrandma.com.

My ninth decade will devote itself to empowering young women so that your voices are heard as you seek not only to do well but also to heal the broken world, as Charlotte the spider did, through the language of power.


Photo credit: imarsman / Flickr.

Why model the language of power on a little spider? Charlotte the spider stands as a great teacher of how a strong female (even if she’s tiny and has six legs) uses powerful language to persuade, to change the course of events, and, of course, to save the life of the runt of the litter. A quiet voice of power, love, and true leadership.

This site is free in every way: free from ads, free from costs, and free services for those who want them. It is not political and has no point of view except about language; I want to help you figure out how to express your ideas without weakness, hostility, or anger.

The ugliness we see and hear on social media has diminished our ability to argue, to speak civilly, to listen respectfully, to persuade others — young people must be able to stand strong and speak powerfully. If you’re shocked and saddened by what you see and hear and wish you could find a voice of power, kindness, and love, let us help you.

While the site is directed toward young women, everyone can benefit from powerful communication skills. Visit if you:

  • want to write, speak, and read with confidence and power
  • yearn to accomplish something worthwhile in the world
  • sometimes find your foot in your mouth
  • don’t seem to be heard
  • see others get credit for your work or ideas
  • sound, write, or present below your ability level
  • feel inadequate in challenging situations
  • wish to find a strong authentic voice
  • long to disagree without nastiness

The site will include quick tips, but the real progress in your language and communication requires you to read and practice.

We’ll provide links to samples of How to Say It for Women. The full book (and ebook) can also be found online and at your local libraries.

If those options don’t work, write to let me know how you’ll use the book and I’ll send you one. But to learn you MUST read.

In addition to language tools and tips, the site has articles, books, essays, and links to my current projects.

Please feel free to use any material you see here or link your friends to information that’s helped you. (Please cite and link!)

To get in touch for tips on writing, speaking, or reading, send an email to phyllis@thewordgrandma.com and I will let you know how to take advantage of my free educational services. Thanks for visiting!